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The rough perfection of dimonds

In the Verum collection, the most characteristic precious stone of classic jewelry has been interpreted in a completely unconventional way. Once again appreciating nature, we wanted to preserve the individual character of its creations. Therefore, when diamonds first appeared in the brand a few years ago, they had a rough character and an irregular shape, which was formed many millions of years ago by the forces of the Earth. The pieces of diamonds in their unaltered form were framed in bold unconventional forms. The jewelry with uncut diamonds puts the accent on the non-obvious nature of beauty, showing that what is most valuable does not always shine the brightest. Sometimes it escapes norms and canons.

Silver ring with dimonds and pearls Silver rings and necklaces with dimonds and pearls

Colors and sparkle of precious stones

Jewelry from the Verum collection is no longer just diamonds. Now, the undisputed star of jewelry has noble company. The repertoire of natural stones has been expanded to include rubies, sapphires, aquamarines and moonstones. Faceted diamonds have also appeared in the collection. The variety of minerals, colors, structures and geological properties encouraged us to prepare a separate kingdom especially for them. Ideal for an anniversary gift, they are also recommended for romantic engagement dinners.

A silver ring with a dimond


The symbol of passion and love impresses with its deep red color. Ruby is one of the rarest stones in the world, and thus also one of the most desirable. Although it is assigned to Capricorns, it will please everyone, regardless of their zodiac sign.


This rare and precious variety of olivine seduces with its unique light green color. Also called evening emerald, it is a stone not only of the Earth, but also of the sky. Fragments of peridot were found in one of the meteorites. In metaphysics, this sunny green mineral is attributed to people born in August. The stone is also the patron of sixteen-year relationships.

Silver rings with rough dimonds


JThe light blue gemstone comes from the beryl group, which also includes emeralds. Its beautiful, perfectly clear color is due to its origin - the gem you will find in the Verum collection comes from Brazil, from one of the largest mines of this stone in the world. Aquamarine is called the stone of the sea. Considered the treasure of mermaids, it was worn by sailors as a talisman.


Its silvery-pearl, lunar glow makes it one of the most fascinating minerals used in jewelry. It looks like a stone out of this world! In the Verum collection it adorns silver rings. This allows you to have a piece of the universe with you at all times.

Silver, pearl choker by ORSKA
Silver ring with a pearl pendant


The most precious jewel of the sea is a timeless symbol of luxury and an object of desire. Pearls have delighted for centuries and not only remain in fashion, but continue to surprise with new aspects. Once only the flawless, perfectly spherical, cream-colored ones were prized. Today the most beautiful pearls come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. And they are the ones that have stolen the hearts of modern women. This proves that when we stop following a certain pattern of beauty, we discover a much more diverse and interesting world…

Goldplated, dimond rings
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